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To Crack a Job in IT

1. Candidate should possess a degree in any stream(BA,B.Com,B.Sc,B.E,M.E,MCA,MBA,PhD) or any International Academic Degree.

2. Once you have the academic degree the next step is to market your resume to GET PLACED in an IT company. When I say GET PLACED I do not mean a mechanical job in a call center or BPO or any kind of back end processing where any one can do the work assigned.I mean a professional consultant in ERP, Business Intelligence, Software Developer, Software Programmer kind of nature.

The job nature of these consultants are highly professional in nature. They work for 8 hrs a day, Salary will be high, Get enough time to spend time with family, Not Working on Saturdays and Sundays, Get onsite opportunity (only for the first time candidates are excited for onsite, after few onsite travel to different countries, it becomes a casual way of living).

3. As mentioned in the above points once you have any degree and the real passion to get a job as an IT professional, the next important step is your RESUME. This RESUME is your marketing area to crack the job as a IT professional.

Hence what kind of resume it should be?

For freshers

When we look about the current scenario of freshers in India, 5% of the candidates are placed from the college campus interviews for the professional jobs. Rest of the candidates receive the offer letter and keep waiting for few months and even few persons I know who wait for few years and finally only few candidates are absorbed in the company and rest are left behind.

Hence how to handle these scenarios. The actual fact is that only IT companies are dependent on the employees for their projects and business, but due to the demand supply ratio, the candidates are left behind. Now we come to the next part ie the remaining 95% of candidates. 98% of these 95% candidates have the resume of 2 pages with year of passing from Standard X to the degree level with 1 or 2 final year projects done in the college semester.These types of resume are kept in bundles in the IT companies and you are one among lakhs of candidates and the candidate has to wait for months and years to get an interview call and this scenario can even cause a psychological impact on the candidate. After waiting for some time I find candidates joining as maketing executives for realestate industry or any consumer products and their dream of an IT job is only a dream in their life time.

Now let me tell you some valuable suggestions on how to break this mindset and what should be concentrated hence you find getting a IT job is as easy as you can imagine and only the kind of strategy should be followed in a right way. How to make the companies to come behind you rather you keep approaching companies.Concentrate on the latest IT technology which suits you taking considerations like your communication skill technical skill location constraints travel constraints etc. The kind of technology what you choose should be highly demand in the market and supply of consultants should be less and demand should be more. Go to few job site portals and take the requirement of the technology what you studied and prepare your resume keeping in mind about requirement asked in the companies. With the requirement what has been asked in the company prepare your resume with one or two projects done by you on these requirements on your own and just put in the resume that you are capable to do the assignment what the company asks for. Most of the people make a mistake of what they did and keep marketing their resume. Instead concentrate on the requirement and focus it on the resume. Once you are done with this, definitely you people will get the calls from the companies because, they want consultants to execute their project who is capable of doing it and they are not bothered whether you have a BA degree or a PhD degree. Hope you all understand the concept now.

Thus you can differentiate among the crowd of other freshers and you stand unique in the crowd.Once you are capable of getting one offer then you will be able to get many offers from many locations and its your wish to choose one from the list. But always remember once you are into this category of getting multiple jobs you need to be very humble and kindly be sincere and dedicated to the company who offered you the chance to prove yourself. I have seen a lot of people who are not able to hold and digest the success at their initial level are lost. Hence stick on to a company for quite considerable time and serve the company with dedication and make a WIN WIN situation for you and your company.Take a free counselling to get guidance on which technology to concentrate and start your career with flying colours.

For experienced in NON IT and want to enter into IT Profession.

If you are experienced in NON IT and want to be a professional in IT, then you are one step ahead of the freshers coming out of college. Since you have the maturity level of an official atmosphere already your only challenge is to closely tune your subject area to the IT domain which fits closely to your criteria considering other personal conditions which vary to every individual. You can register and take a free counselling on the kind of career you need to choose and start your career.

For experienced in IT and want to change my domain, my company, looking for onsite oppurtunity

If you are already experienced in IT then you dont need much of my consulting. You can join any technology by simply registering at HYE Infotech which you are passionate about. Still if you wish to look for a councelling session you are welcome. Kindly register for councelling